Download your soul work, activate your magnetic power & claim the riches of your vision.

Learn the powerful magic of your own energy & soul and use it as a complete healing activation system to awaken your gifts, channel the work you're here to do and create limitless riches as you make an IMPACT with your soul.

Introducing an erotic, embodied soul activation journey designed to fully awaken the power of your most sacred soul gifts, reprogramming and upgrading your entire energy system so that you are finally free to bring those gifts into the world in a magnetic and strategic way - so that you can create a life of your wildest and richest desires.

You are meant to fulfil your greatest potential & become a leader with your unique soul gifts. This program will activate those gifts and initiate you into your full magnetic power.

Woman, you’re here to be desired and loved for your most sacred gifts.

Your soul is here to make a BIG impact with her presence and it is your birthright to receive limitless riches when you show up to serve.

Except, it doesn’t always feel possible to turn this into a reality.

We can feel like we’re pushing up against huge inner walls of resistance, trembling with terror or stuck in confusion with what our soul wants to do in the world - like following her intuition, speaking her truth, charging a high value for her work and stepping into the spotlight (eeek!).

And the thing is, it’s not about pushing harder to get there. You already channel a huge amount of energy to break through your soul blocks, putting your whole heart into creating your desires.

I know how exhausting it is to feel like you’re climbing mountains or wading through murky waters to get ‘there’.

We see other beautiful women living their purpose, mastering their intuitive gifts, leading their soul movements, growing awesome tribes, making amazing money, lighting up the world with their radiance.

And we wonder (sometimes through tears), ‘why can’t I do it?

It breaks my heart when I hear passionate women admit they don’t believe their richest dreams are possible for them. And nearly every passionate woman I have met, including the hundreds of clients I have served, has doubted herself. Me too.

This is a natural and necessary part of your soul's journey. Your doubt makes you human. You’re meant to be stretched, you’re meant to heal more than you ever have, to leap into the unknown and step into the spotlight - way before you’re ready.

And if you’re reading this, then your soul is ready to do just that.

You are so ready to initiate yourself in your full magnetic power, to find the gifts hidden in your wounds, to master your soul medicine, to channel and download your unique body of soul work and to upgrade your whole energy system for openness and trust...

So you can claim yourself as a SOUL LEADER and grow your tribe of loving soul clients.

Your sisters are ready to rise up with you. We’re gathering as a circle of bold, brilliant women who are ready to step into the spotlight and sell our gifts.

And woman...



Melissa with a crystal

The secret is that your soul magic already exists within you.

Every woman has an unlimited source of creative soul power within her.

It is our sacred duty to activate this power so we can make the impact in our lives we desire.

A Soul Leader is here to bring new, high-vibrational energy to the world. She is meant to share this vibration with her soul clients (the souls she is meant to serve) and lead a movement of her own loving revolution.

As a Soul Leader, she must integrate this new energy within herself before she offers it to the world. She is called into her own healing. Not to get stuck in endless emotional processing, but to heal through divine action; where she chooses to open herself to the universe, to allow her soul to flow through her and to show-up for who she really is.

Soul Leaders are ready to birth their soul work in the world.

These words won’t be new to you. Some part of you already recognizes them. But as a sensitive, love and fear-full woman, we can wonder how on earth we are going to activate the power to become the Soul Leader we know we are.

And that’s when the journey becomes lush.

Because the new wave of Soul Leaders are also called to be untamed, powerful and EROTIC women. Our wombs become the birthplace of our creation, we learn to dance in the dark and channel more light than we think we can bear.

Our soul wants us to surrender into the mystery and embrace the real, raw and messy parts of our humanness. We don’t want to think our way, chanting affirmations without feeling the magic that rumbles within us.

To be this kind of Soul Leader, you will have to go deep.

You will have to learn how to access your creative power and channel your soul magic.

And that’s why I’m sharing my most potent energy & soul medicine training; so that you can learn to weave your own creative energies like the Goddess you are.


Soul Leader School

Activate your intuitive power, sell your gifts & claim the riches of your soul work.

You are invited to a sacred initiation journey to become the Mistress of your Soul Magic.

Soul Leader School is an online school and sisterhood, that teaches women the powerful magic of energy & soul medicine as a complete healing activation system. It will awaken your soul gifts, and enable you to step into the spotlight as a leader and create limitless abundance.

I created Soul Leader School because it is time to share your soul gifts with the world.

It is designed to initiate your breakthrough healing, to reprogram and upgrade your entire energy field to clear the deep soul blocks that have been holding you back from claiming your true power.

Throughout the journey we will be shifting our new healing energies to launch our work in the world.

The energy & soul medicine taught in this course is for both beginner intuitives and advanced practitioners alike. You will be guided to the deepest levels of your being, to weave your soul magic and unleash the soul gifts you were born to share, in an embodied, erotic and graceful way.

In Soul Leader School, I give you the exact steps I used to transform my entire life; to pay off my debt, to create a thriving tribe of passionate women and to create a business and life of freedom.

In Soul Leader School, I will teach you to:

  • Become an energy & soul medicine mistress.
  • Channel your gifts, get clear on your core message and your BIG vision.
  • Elevate to the wild possibilities and brilliant light of your potential.
  • Deeply and permanently clear your soul blocks and limiting beliefs, release old pain & harness the power of your darkness.
  • Manifest your desires & riches, become playful with the sacred energy of money and own your highest value.
  • Activate the embodied and erotic power of your feminine soul.
  • Download your signature body of soul work that you are ready to create and launch in the world.
  • Create your sacred marketing plan and design your transformational soul selling system.
  • Grow your tribe of loving soul clients, create a free offering that speaks DIRECTLY to their heart.
  • Heal your expression wounds and become magnetic in the spotlight.

Decorative image

A Sacred Energetic Container for your Soul:

The Soul Leader School program

Your soul wants the freedom to awaken in her own time.

What we've noticed with our Soul Leader School students is that each woman needs permission to go to her depths, to take time to heal or activate at light-speed.

She has to download the blueprint of her soul work her own way.

That’s why we’ve created Soul Leader School as a sacred energetic container that will hold you in your soul activation: A six month curriculum which you will have ongoing access to. This includes a free pass to any of our exclusive live rounds. (Our next live round will commence in April 2018.

This isn’t another online program, where I push you through the content and try to make sure everyone keeps ups. Been there, done that and no longer want to dilute the potency of your soul birth!

There is nothing like having an electric vibrational space that will open your soul channel and keep aligning you higher.

And journeying with a collective of women who are all on the deep initiation soul path, who are meeting the same inner gateways, finding their magic in the dark and learning to channel more light than ever before.…….is, in my mind, non-negotiable.

Experience an innovative, interactive Soul Temple journey and be engaged in the levels of your own soul awakening.

The content delivered will include your activation in the soul realm, the transfiguration of your energy field and perfect strategy for you to make your dreams real. Each Module will have learning and integration time, as well as implementation and divine action.

At the same time, you will be invited to move through the chambers of the interactive Soul Temple dashboard. Each chamber is designed to awaken you at a deeper level and covers the essential awakening process for all Soul Leaders.

You may need to resurrect your soul in the Chamber of Healing, get clear on your body of soul work in the Cauldron of Creation, unlock your Expression Portal or amp up your flow of abundance.

The membership site has been designed to capture your imagination of the spirit realm, to enter sacred chambers of initiation, participate in group challenges, dive into the knowledge chests and connect live with your circle of sisters.

Some women are ready to channel the divine yang and get stuck into business strategy. Some leaders are ready to bring more of the magic to their work and initiate themselves in medicine of soul.

The key thing is, you’ll be able to take your own time and create something truly magnificent.

I’m so passionate about this because I know that when you go deep with your soul, you quantum leap your success on all levels.

You sell more of your soul work.

You touch more people with your presence.

You magnetise your desires to you.

You make the impact you’re destined to make.

All because you are willing to show up to your soul.

Together, we’ll journey into the realm of Soul Temple and through activation the stages of your Soul Leadership.

Module 1: Become an Energy and Soul medicine Mistress

Every woman has the gift of soul magic. And it is this magic we can use to heal our deepest blocks and reprogram our whole being for the riches of our soul work. In this Pillar you will receive energy & soul medicine training so you can activate your energetic power and elevate into your highest potential.

Energy Medicine

How to develop your intuitive awareness and deliver a powerful energy medicine session.

  • The most powerful technique of energy medicine you can start using immediately.
  • How to hold intuitive, soul space for yourself perceive energetic data across multiple dimensions.
  • The most common belief systems that shut down your intuitive channels and how to clear these beliefs.
  • Why we fragment our energy and how to connect and align back into our presence.
  • The erotic embodiment technique to guide you into the depths of your soul and into your full magnetism.
  • How to weave your energy to open new portals of universal riches.

Soul medicine

Be guided by the truth of your soul & weave your powerful soul magic.

  • A set of practical tools to communicate, channel and work directly with your soul.
  • How to embody the many beings of your soul, to activate your limitless power.
  • Igniting healing for yourself – weaving the light & dark of your soul.
  • Unlocking the blueprint of your soul gifts, potential and purpose.
  • How to clear and release the old and sometimes ancient wounds that block our soul from flowing freely.

Module 2, 3 & 4: Activate your erotic, magnetic power as a leader and download your soul work.

A Soul Leader is here to sell her gifts and express her vibration freely in the world. She is called to heal her wounds of visibility and the resistance to claiming her riches. In these modules, we will journey into your deep feminine power, releasing your old stories of limitation and reprogramming your whole being for freedom. We will ignite your erotic magnetism, open your receivership and conceive the vision of your soul work. From here we will begin the creative process of conceiving and creating your unique body of soul work. 


Release your old limiting pain stories and activate your wildest, most radical potential.

  • How our belief systems and limiting stories are formed by stagnant emotional energy and how to clear it.
  • Mapping out the timeline of your soul to find the gifts in your wounds and get clear on your core message.
  • Elevating to your highest energetic potential and opening to rich possibilities as a Soul Leader.
  • Downloading the vision for the woman you are and what her soul has chosen to create.
  • Connect with the souls of your abundant, thriving and sacred tribe.
  • Price your highest value on your energy, expression and services – to start charging what you’re worth.

Expression centre

Heal your expression centre and claim your magnetism in the spotlight.

  • Devoting to the truth you’re meant to share in honour of your soul clients.
  • Write your story and share this with the world.
  • Claiming your destiny to be recognized and desired for your gifts and letting yourself be seen and heard.
  • Activating your power in the spotlight and learning to unleash your vibration and free flow with your soul.
  • Embody your erotic and sensual essence to become magnetic with your presence.
  • Design your own unique expression and marketing plan.

Receive riches

Open the floodgates to receiving all of the riches you desire for your Soul Leadership.

  • How to upgrade the level of receivership in your heart.
  • Leaning back in the feminine to allow everything you desire to be magnetised to you.
  • Exploring how you receive pleasure and riches.
  • Stepping into the power of the Queen.
  • Asking for the high-value sale and staying in the grace of your gifts.
  • Clearing your sacred space to receive – including your online home.
  • How to allow the love and adoration of a BIG tribe of raving fans.
  • Extreme receivership – how to let the flood of riches in

Your soul creation

Commanding the mystery of your ultimate soul creation.

  • Conceiving of what your soul desires to birth in the world.
  • Channel your signature body of soul work.
  • Choosing to believe in your wildest vision, even in the void of the unknown.
  • How to channel the divine power of your soul to source your dreams and create your abundance.
  • Becoming the Mistress of Creation and surrendering to what seeks to move through you.
  • Allowing the big vision of your soul work to become certain and real as you open to the whole universe creating itself through you.

Module 5 & 6: Birthing & earthing yourself as a soul leader

Soul Leaders make their desires real in the world. The stand up in the spotlight and call in their community. They speak their message, they put themselves out in the world, they claim the value of their gifts and they sell their soul work. These Modules will guide you to create your soul work, design your soul's freedom blueprint, design your signature body of work, and learn to transmit why it is so powerful and needed by your soul clients.

Module 5: Creating your signature body of soul work

  • Downloading your soul guidance and letting your soul work move through you.
  • Understanding what your clients really need from you.
  • Designing your signature body of soul work.
  • Clarifying your core message and your client’s core desires/fears/challenges.
  • Channelling your brand essence and most powerful transformative techniques.
  • Define the rich value of your work and elevate into your true aligned pricing.
  • Creating your attractive, valuable free offering for your soul clients.

Module 6: Planning to launch your soul

  • Designing your strategic, sacred marketing plan to launch your soul work.
  • Learning to dance with magnetism in your soul's spotlight. 
  • Sacred Soul Leader initiation ceremony for birthing your soul work.
  • Creating a container for your community (ie setting up a Facebook group).
  • How to dance through your launch and have an ecstatic birth.

You'll also be guided through the Chambers of the Soul Temple, completing your activation challenges in your own time and mastering the realm of soul.

Throughout the journey, you'll be given energetic & personal challenges to expand you into your highest potential and you'll have a wealth of business and energy medicine knowledge to explore in the Knowledge Chests, including strategic marketing funnels, erotic embodiment, wealth plans, soulful client communication, magnetism and much more.  

In summary, you'll receive a COMPLETE HEALING ACTIVATION SYSTEM to initiate yourself as the Soul Leader you are.

These are the practices I used on my own Soul Leader journey to birth my signature body of soul work, grow a thriving soul tribe, release my debt, build my business to multiple 6 figures and guide my clients into their own soul legacies.

This Soul Leader journey will awaken your greatest power so that you can make the impact you desire to make.

And you'll learn how to do it in an embodied, erotic, graceful way.

Exactly how your soul likes it.

Hi, I’m Melissa Sandon, Soul Leader mentor, kinesiologist and energy medicine teacher.

Melissa whole hearted

I believe whole-heartedly that you are reading this because you are a Soul Leader. Whether you are at the beginning of your intuitive journey or already journeying deeply with your purpose, it is time to activate your full power and launch your gifts so you can start making the impact your soul is here to make.

I stand for passionate women being rich as they do their soul work and being free to express all of who they are. That's why I've created Soul Leader School - I am so committed to your soul awakening and I want you to have my tried-and-tested healing system so you can start implementing your soul's desires - immediately. I want you to have the support, sistership and knowledge that every Soul Leader needs to initiate herself.

I’ve taught hundreds of passionate women the formula to unlocking their soul’s riches and getting out in the world with their gifts.

My clients regularly birth their soul work, become master practitioners, get booked to speak, sell high-end, high-value offerings and create blossoming tribes.

But I never used to feel so abundant.

I craved freedom yet was stuck in my poor healer mentality. I was doing beautiful kinesiology work but giving discounts, attracting misaligned clients and struggling to pay my bills. No matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to change.

They were the scariest years for me; my nervous system was in constant fight or flight! I knew I could create my dreams and yet I had this reverberating doubt that my dreams weren’t possible for me.

I knew if I didn’t move through my fears and unlock the secrets to my abundance, I would never experience the success I craved. I would never fulfill my soul’s purpose.

So I set to using my healing skills and intuitive gifts to understand the deeper science of what holds us back from living our wild, deep potential and receiving everything we desire for it.

I became the Mistress of my own energy & soul medicine and learnt how to channel the forces of the universe to birth my soul and her work.

I learned how to open the floodgates to my riches.

Activating my soul magic changed EVERYTHING for me.

I started my own revolution of Soul Leaders, attracted beautiful high-end clients, created regular 5 figure launches in my business and became free to sell my message and my gifts to the whole world. And finally conquering my fears and earning radical cash for my gifts gave me the freedom to live so many more adventures:

  • I travelled around the world running my location-independent business.
  • I created a signature body of work, whilst sitting on a beautiful beach.
  • I connected with passionate soul sisters.
  • My business supported my beautiful man to quit his job and start his dream career.
  • I released my fears of public speaking to share my message on the stage.

Myself and your soul sisters will be initiating ourselves together during this intimate journey. We'll be undertaking live healings, sacred declarations, real-life expression challenges, energy activations, soul channellings and strategic launch plans - TOGETHER.

That’s why, when you enroll in Soul Leader School, you’ll receive the following:

  • A 6 MONTH CURRICULUM & SCARED ENERGETIC CONTAINER of  guided healings, collective uplevelling, strategic planning and embodied action
  • ONGOING ACCESS to all of the content so you can take your soul journey at your souls true pace (I know that the soul journey is not linear so have designed the program to allow you to be able to journey where your soul feels called)
  • A FREE LIVE PASS to take part in any future LIVE rounds of Soul Leader School where we will deep dive and have additional specialised trainings and workshops 
  • Deep Transformation Modules - including video trainings, healing manuals, workbooks, pdf guides, mp3 audio downloads and group challenges all accessible from the Soul Leader School member's portal.
  • Guided Soul Temple journeys - journey into the realm of the soul to experience healing, downloads, activations and awakenings
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Chests - explore a wealth of business, spiritual & energy resources in the Knowledge Chests, including Melissa's extensive business swipe files and transformation resources
  • Fortnightly contact hours with me and my faculty staff through Facebook circles, Q&A calls and master classes so you can get your questions answered, the support you need, experience energetic upgrades and be held by your sisters.
  • Sacred Soul Leader Activation Ceremonies - invitations to attend exclusive Soul Leader School opening and closing Soul Leader activation ceremonies.
  • Conception Cauldrons, Creative Caves & Birthing Blessingways - be personally coached and guided in our intimate circles, where you will receive one-on-one support to birth your soul work. 
  • Access to the private Soul Leader School Facebook Group to connect and process your healing journey with other Soul Leaders and share about your intuitive gifts.
  • Opportunity to work with a training partner to master your energy and soul medicine art.
  • Regular integration spaces and break weeks to process what you’ve learned. 

And to give you even more powerful tools to activate your Soul Leadership, I’m also including a very special Business Masterclass bundle including:

How to Create Your Free Offer Workshop and Create Your Nurture Funnel Workshop

Energy for Abundance screen grab

Online pre-recorded workshops, purely focused on helping you get clear on how to launch your soul work to the world.

As Soul Leaders we often overlooked the more practical (YANG) steps of doing your soul work and these specialised workshops will take you through all you need to know in order to create and implement authentic and effective free offers for your tribe, and also how to build out a nurture funnel.

Sales funnel swipe file - Value $997

Example materials

  • Learn my most powerful sales funnels to sell your soul work.
  • Learn the real structure and systems I have in place to make my funnels run and make me money while I sleep.
  • Get access to the exact Facebook ads, opt-in pages, thank you pages & email sequences I use to sell my most popular programs.
  • Receive the entire webinar script I used sell Soul Leader School - Priceless!

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Testimonial: Eloise Meskanen

Eloise Meskanen
Eloise Meskanen
This course is absolutely life-changing and soon to be world-changing! If you know there is brilliance inside of you, but you’ve been unable to share it with the world in the way you want and the receive the money you want in exchange, then this course is for YOU. It’ll put you on your path to expressing your gifts and receiving the financial abundance you have always desired. If you’ve spent years healing yourself, but never really getting through the major blocks in your way, you need to know about the Soul Centres – they’re game-changing. If you show up and do the work in the course, you’ll clear your deepest soul-level blocks and watch in wonder as your life and abundance are rearrange before your eyes. I cannot recommend this course, not Melissa’s genuine, nurturing, fierce leadership, high enough. Your decision to invest in this program will be one of the best you have ever made. You will come into contact with not only a more intimate relationship with abundance, but also a deeper connection to your intuition and the tools to keep healing yourself in life. I am so grateful for everything this course has taught me and look forward to seeing Melissa rock thousands of lives worldwide.

Testimonial: Jacqueline Palazzo

Jacqueline Palazzo
Jacqueline Palazzo
I received so much more than I though I had signed up for. The soul work has been invaluable – I am so much more connected to my soul. to her desire and needs; and her POWER. I’ve been working with the Soul Centres in sessions with my clients and the results have been incredible. I’m living more authentically, from a place of deep connection and alignment with my truth. I’ve learned the art of honouring my soul and the incredible ripple effect this has on all aspects of my life. I’ve realised the true value of the work I do and what I have to offer the world. As an inherently shy person, I’ve always struggled with marketing myself. As a result this work, my expression has become unblocked and voice has been set free.

Testimonial: Kim Somerville

Kim Somerville
Kim Somerville
I whole-heartedly recommend the Soul Leader School course. The decision to sign-up was really easy. I was IN – contributing whole-heartedly to the Facebook group, the workbooks and upgrading with the sacred circles. I have a job in the corporate world and will continue to work in that area – just with more intuition than I had before! Big thanks and love to Melissa. To those of you who are considering it, don’t over-think it. Follow that feeling within, take the leap and say "yes"!

Testimonial: Christine Hira

Christine Hira
Christine Hira
Working with Melissa is always a transformational process. You never exit one of her courses the same as when you entered in.

Soul Leader School has helped me to uncover my gifts and has given me the confidence to share them with the world.

Using the tools taught by Melissa, I have connected deeper with my soul and found comfort in the unknown mystery of the conception of my soul work. I will definitely be going through the material again and again as it is so rich in soul expanding content.

Thank you Melissa, your vibrant soul has enabled mine to bloom. 

Testimonial: Lena Banzer

Lena Banzer
Lena Banzer
Soul leader school was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have grown so much and in ways I couldn't have expected or imagined.

I have learned some of my most powerful tools during this course that have helped me immensely in all areas of my life.

The sense of connection and authenticity with the other women was pure magic and something I am incredibly grateful for, a real strength and support in times of pain and providing genuine encouragement and joy in times of celebration. It has been so touching having complete strangers care so deeply.

I remember not being quite sure why my soul was drawing me to the course as my mind couldn't quite grasp what was specifically relevant about the content for me. After finishing I now know why- apart from the material itself which was incredible, the space Melissa held for us and the beautiful community and healing that was initiated by the whole process was exactly what I needed.

Thank you Melissa, I'm so grateful I listened to my heart, even when I didn't understand why at the time.

Testimonial: Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan
Soul leader school cracked my heart open, deepened my connection to source and supported me to express myself more than I thought was possible. Over six months I experienced a tremendous unravelling. I let go of relationships, left a toxic workplace and birthed my own soul biz into the world.

Melissa and the fellow SLS sisters energetically supported me every step of the way. Thank you Melissa for creating this powerful , transformational container.

Testimonial: Hayley Donohue

Hayley Donohue
Hayley Donohue
Soul Leader School came along for me at a time when it didn’t make ‘logical sense’ for me to do it, but after witnessing Melissa’s energy and soul magic I was blown away and I knew I had to be a part of it, and I knew I had to work closely with Melissa.

The calling I felt to go on the journey of SLS was to strong to ignore, even though my head was saying “But how?’ my heart and soul was screaming…YESSSS! And honestly this was the best decision ever.

Soul Leader School is a journey that will crack you open, allow you to deeply heal, it will connect you to your heart and soul in the deepest and most beautiful way, and it will change your life! I have come through this journey transformed and I am truly grateful.

Melissa has an absolute gift in being able to guide you through her powerful energy and soul techniques, create a space of connection and sisterhood, and help you navigate your healing, up levelling and transformation. She is a master of energy and soul medicine!

It doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you are at, there is so much magic in this course for you because it is about soul and energy.

If you feel the pull towards this course, if your heart in saying yes…then, please DO IT!! I can not recommend Melissa and Soul Leader School enough.

Testimonial: Kymberley Jones

Kymberley Jones
Kymberley Jones
I found Soul Leader School an incredibly enlightening experience. It provided a framework and container for exploring my inner world and I really related to the way the soul / soul work was linked to our human-ness, our emotions and our bodies as too often in spiritual teaching they kept completely separate.

Testimonial: Kate McCreedy

Kate McCreedy
Kate McCreedy
I'm not quite sure what I was expecting from Soul Leader School, but it was a pretty amazing experience. What I most loved was how it's given me some really practical tools and practices to tap into my intuition and inner wisdom in a spiritually creative way.

The course was super rich with content - Melissa has certainly poured her heart and soul into it. She also has created the most beautiful community of women who are incredibly supportive.

Testimonial: Jo Poon

Jo Poon
Jo Poon
Melissa's Soul Leader School took my heart to a place where it has never been before. This program has really allowed me the space to deepen my connection with myself and my truth. There is so much sacred potency in this program that you will find yourself on a richly intoxicating journey of healing, manifesting and uncovering all the pieces of your soul.

Testimonial: Donna Aston

Donna Ashton
Donna Ashton
As someone who had never heard of Melissa before I landed on her Soul Leader School page, I was immediately drawn in by her energy and language. She was speaking to me! And I decided to answer and invest in my business and myself.I love everything about this amazing course. Even when I felt a bit out of my depths with the soul medicine, I learned so much about myself and what is possible. Melissa is an excellent model for allowing abundance into your life and business- I had my biggest revenue year in my business! This course changed my vibration and changed me to accept what I am worth and get my gifts out into the world in a big way.

Testimonial: Davina Hearne

Davina Hearne
Davina Hearne
Soul Leader School has been a beautiful experience. I've learnt so much about connecting in and listening to my body and my inner guidance system, rather than searching for the answers outside of myself. I've learnt new skills that are practical to implement on a daily basis, plus Melissa is such a wonderful, caring and gentle teacher! I loved it 🙂

Testimonial: Clancy Allen

Default image
Clancy Allen
Melissa's Soul Leader School is unique. Words can't really (properly) describe the myriad of ways this course could transform you and your life. If you're a woman desiring to step into her leadership and are called to embody your internal landscape and soul riches so that you can share them with the world, you must do this course.

Soul Leader School perfectly balances the feminine and masculine energies needed to launch your successful soul business. Melissa's energy practices will have your soul quantum leaping to places your mind really couldn't possibly have imagined.

This is a deeply transformative and healing journey for the brave hearts and change makers amongst us.

Testimonial: Claire Lyons

Claire Lyons
Claire Lyons
I am so grateful that Melissa and I crossed paths! Her guidance, support, strength and gifts have been a wonderful example to me and has assisted me to begin to trust my own intuition. This has been a journey that has stretched me in ways that I didn't expect and nurtured my inner soul so that I can begin to understand how my soul work will show up in the world.

Thank you Melissa for your honesty and courage, you are an inspiration to me and a beacon for hope for what living your soul purpose can mean.

Testimonial: Claire McFee

Default image
Claire McFee
Soul Leader School was all I'd hoped for and so, so much more. Melissa and the other Soul Leaders were all so supportive and intrinsically connected. We got stuck straight into the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a Soul Leader - no mucking around! I wouldn't have wanted ti any other way. It was really mind blowing to be honest and absolutely life changing. All aspects of my life are profoundly enriched. Best decision I've ever made. Thank you to infinity and beyond!
Truth Compass Coaching

Testimonial: Jessica Kali

Jessica Kali
Jessica Kali
No words will do my Soul Leader School experience justice! I was impressed by this journey every step of the way- the quality of the content, the incredible community, and the profound healing and shifts I experienced. Above all though, what really blew me away was Melissa's personalised support and individual attention during the course. She delivered above and beyond what I expected from an online course. She is a leading figure at the forefront of soul and energy medicine, and she holds space like no one else! So much has shifted for me personally and professionally since the course, I feel deeply blessed she entered my life when she did.

Testimonial: Deena Young Kenyon

Deena Young Kenyon
Deena Young Kenyon
Oh my goodness, Soul Leader School has been an amazing experience. I have loved every moment even the ones where I have been challenged and stretched completely. Melissa held us all lovingly and encouraged and supported our every step. In the beginning of the course, in the opening ceremony, Melissa also had us all weave an incredible container that we were able to come back to and sink into when needed. This was a beautiful addition to the Soul Leader School as it really solidified the community from the first day.

I would highly recommend Melissa's course to any and everyone who is willing to look within, meet their soul and allow her the space to emerge and blossom.

Testimonial: Elyse Walker

default image
Elyse Walker
I feel like Soul Leader School has provided the tools to tap into my soul and connect to my purpose. It has given me clarity and confidence. Knowing what it is I have to offer and then sending that out into the world.

Testimonial: Anna Calandro

Anna Calandro
Anna Calandro
Soul Leader School is truly amazing, profound and beautiful. I loved it.

Testimonial: Nadja Dineen

Nadja Dinneen
Nadja Dinneen
I don't know where to start. Truly i feel speechless! The awakening and empowering experience I've had through Soul Leader School has changed my life, my life times to come..and hopefully many people’s lives. Through shifting my belief systems, healing past wounds and past lives I become empowering and educated to help others with the tools I learned and the upgrades I've experienced.

From the bottom of my heart, womb and earth centre I will forever be grateful I chose to sign up to Melissa’s Soul Leader School program!!!

Anyone looking to support themselves to step and and dive in Melissa Sandons work - please do it, it is so, so worth it!!!

Testimonial: Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross
Rachel Ross
Soul Leader School gave me a framework to infuse my work with the deep desire and calling of my Soul. Doing business for the sake of it was never going to fly with me. For it to feel 'right' it needed to be deeply anchored in the truth and purpose of my Soul. In Soul Leader School, I was able to craft an online presence and offering that truly felt like me. Melissa started at the beginning and gave us the tools to clear blocks and connect to the potential within us to become a Soul Leader, and then follow through on the steps to making it real in the world.

For me, the most amazing part was the powerful container of (around 100) women that Melissa energetically held and supported, all at different stages in their businesses and soul work. I felt swept along by the collective energy of the group which helped me to go further than I expected.

Beyond business stuff, my ability to TRUST myself and LISTEN to my inner guidance in all areas of my life amplified to greater depths. It’s opened me to new levels of self love and creativity and gave me the courage to put myself and my offering out in the world.

Testimonial: Saleena Ham

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Saleena Ham
I found the inner energy work gave me powerful insights that could be shared to support others and which were relevant to my personal empowerment.

Testimonial: Carly Stephan

Carly Stephan
Carly Stephan
Working with Melissa has been a GODDESS-send with a capital G. Mel radiates pure love, presence, care and wisdom, and has been a treasured doula for me - helping me to birth realizations, epiphanies, and crystal clear clarity in to the world.

How much is this worth?

Now, you may be wondering how much you’ll invest for the Soul Leader activation journey?

Melissa on a beach
When I was broke and unhappy working as kinesiologist, trying to pay my bills and feeling totally powerless to create my soul work, working with a proven system such as Soul Leader School would have changed my life.

If I had known the secret to tapping into my soul magic and elevating out of my deepest blocks, then I would have been able to channel my riches and start having the impact I desired much sooner.

Instead, I spent nearly $80,000 and took years of struggle and deep research into the art of birthing your soul in the world to get where I am today – in the freedom to sell my gifts and be loved for it.

And now I want to offer this system to you.

And the question is... how much is your freedom and soul’s legacy worth to you?

What is the value of choosing to claim your soul gifts and step out of the wounding of hiding your value from the world?

You’ll get the complete healing activation system of a Soul Leader and mastery training in energy & soul medicine.

You’ll receive practical and strategic advice on how to launch your soul work in the world in a way where you can grow a thriving tribe and start earning incredible amounts of cash doing what you love?

You'll receive a potent 6 month cirriculum & plus exclusive ongoing access to an energetic container of support.

I believe that kind of investment to yourself is priceless and it is the most fundamental purpose of your soul.

Because creating Soul Leader School is integral to my own soul purpose and because I know it is a part of my own legacy to initiate other feminine leaders into their gifts,

I am asking only $697 for this program.

Just imagine ongoing access to the most glorious soul-awakening journey you can take, with a collective of soul sisters to launch your most powerful soul gifts in the world.

The fulfilment you’ll receive from actualizing a lifetime of soul desires is worth it alone. But imagine how quickly you’ll make that investment back when you’re commanding your true value and earning good money for your service.

Just imagine the limitless riches you’ll tap into through opening to your soul.

Are you ready to say yes

Are you ready to say "YES" to activating your soul magic and launching your soul gifts?

My invitation to you: commit to Soul Leader School, commit to your soul and activate your soul magic.

I know that if you have been called to this program, your soul is ready to take you on a beautiful journey. I am so committed to teaching Soul Leaders how to master their own energies and channel their soul to bring their full power and gifts onto the earth at this time.

I have invested the last 15 years in researching the art of energy & soul medicine. I am qualified in many different modalities and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients. I have created this healing system from what I believe is the innovation of new energies and knowledge.

I completely own the value of my work. I know it works when you take the time to go where your soul desires to go with it. I know that if you commit, you will begin to create your wildest dreams and you will see the results. Your life will change.

So my darling, I urge you to listen to where your heart and soul is calling you.

Are you ready to join us, or do you still have questions?

To help you decide if this is the next step in your soul leader journey, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Soul Leader School.

How is the course delivered?

Soul Leader School is delivered via the Soul Leader School online membership site. This means instruction, teaching, philosophy and healing videos, plus workbooks and manuals. I will also take you through the workbooks on video if you feel called to be guided in the energy balance and participate in the collective energy.

How much time will I need to invest in this course?

The content will be drip fed over 6 months, and there will be rest weeks for every pillar. What I’ve learnt is that the change moves from your soul to your cells and women need time and space to luxuriate in this and integrate it. That’s why we give you continued access to the 6 month Soul Leader School curriculum & sacred energetic container. So you have time to not only download and activate yourself with new energy, but to learn and implement your new knowledge and actively create your abundant soul work over the course of the year.

Myself and my faculty will hold a live Q&A circle or masterclass every two weeks. And we will also have Facebook intuitive circle in our private group regularly. These are super powerful and my head teacher and I have so much fun providing intuitive guidance. But all the women give as much as they receive intuitively as well. So everyone is sharing.

It is extremely powerful to move through this program with the group energy and support, however we also give you total permission to go at your own pace. The soul does not follow a linear timeline after all. You’ll have continued access to the course so you can revisit the content again and again or move through it in your own sweet time.

You have complete permission to go as deep into your healing, as expansive into your soul work and as magnetic into your launching….as you desire.

I’ve already done so many courses, how is this one different?

One of the big reasons I created this course was because I kept seeing so many of my clients – talented and gifted healers in their own right – getting stuck in the healing work, doing course after course, but not taking the steps necessary to launch their soul work into the world.

Because of this, we focus on “doing the work”. I’ve created systems and programs that help you to integrate both soul and strategy, so that you feel connected to your soul work, empowered to share your gifts and you have the tools and knowledge to bring your soul gifts into the world.

After completing this course, can I call myself a qualified healer, an intuitive or kinesiologist?

This isn’t a certification course and is designed to introduce you to powerful energetic and intuitive concepts that will kick-start your healing journey. As with any profession, to become a kinesiologist or healer requires a thorough traineeship and quite often certification through a registered training organization. Soul Leader School is meant to activate or deepen your healing knowledge without taking responsibility for your proficiency.

Will I be able to incorporate the energy and soul medicine skills into my current work?

I meet so many women who are working with individuals as coaches and creatives and can feel the call to go deeper with their clients and bring their intuitive gifts into their work. Soul Leader School is the perfect place to begin to explore your intuitive power and give you the confidence to play with your new-found knowledge with clients.

Can I expect to earn more money and improve my finances with Soul Leader School?

Yes sister! Activating the riches of my soul work absolutely transformed my finances, helped me pay off debt and become booked out with high-end clients. But it is a deep healing journey and the rate at which you transform is dependent on how ready you are to do the work, commit to your healing and open to abundance consciousness. My journey was an intense process for me, as I know it is for many soulful women, so I  encourage you to keep doing the work – use the content and work in Soul Leader School and keep on showing up to your self. This will allow you to move through this work with speed and grace.

Do I have to be a healer or a business owner to join the course?

Not at all! You are honoured as a passionate, spirited woman who knows she has her own intuitive gifts that can be leveraged. This course will support you to do your soul work and show up to your inner potential, regardless of whether you run your own business.

Final offering

Yes, Melissa,
I’m ready to enroll in Soul Leader School!

I understand that for my investment of $697, I receive:

  • A 6 month curriculum of  guided healings, collective uplevelling, strategic planning and embodied action
  • EXCLUSIVE ONGOING ACCESS to all of the content so you can take your soul journey at your souls true pace (I know that the soul journey is not linear so have designed the program to allow you to be able to journey where your soul feels called)
  • FREE ENTRY to any future LIVE rounds of Soul Leader School where we will deep dive and have additional specialised trainings and workshops
  • Deep Transformation Modules - including video trainings, healing manuals, workbooks, pdf guides, mp3 audio downloads and group challenges all accessible from the Soul Leader School member's portal
  • Year long journey of a guided healings, collective up-levelling, strategic planning and embodied action (value: $5997).
  • Deep transformational modules with the inclusion of in depth video trainings, healing manuals, workbooks, pdf guides, mp3 audio downloads and group challenges (value: $2997).
  • Regular contact hours with me and my lead trainer through Facebook circles, Q&A calls and master classes so you can get your questions answered, the support you need, experience energetic upgrades and be held by your sisters (value: $5400).
  • Sacred Soul Leader Activation Ceremonies (value: $497).
  • Access to the private Soul Leader School Facebook Group to connect and process your healing journey with other Soul Leaders and share about your intuitive gifts ($497).
  • Opportunity to work with a training partner to master your energy and soul medicine art (value: priceless).

Plus, the Business Masterclass Bundle Inclsuive of:

  • Exclusive How to Create Your Free Offer 2 part Workshop ($497) 
  •  How to Build a Nurture Funnel Workshop (value: $497)
  • Sales funnel swipe file to learn repeatable and proven structures and systems to sell your soul work (value: $997)

Total value: over $18,000

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The creative power of your soul is ready to be unleashed.

You are called to a sacred initiation journey that EVERY Soul Leader must go through to birth the magic of her soul gifts.

This complete healing activation system will support you to rise up as the POWERFUL woman and leader you know are.

And the time to claim the riches from your gifts is now.


While I offer my most sincere guarantee on the power of this work, your personal and financial situation is your loving responsibility. This course does not give personal, professional or medical advice. This program and all the information it contains is based on my personal experience and journey which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.

Melissa Sandon assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from any action or inaction you take based on the information found on or material linked to on this site.